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Kevin McCoy Hunt, acknowledged as “Revin Kevin” by his church peers at the age of 11 years old, has always had a special interest in Bible, with an unusual gift of understanding it during his early years. He served faithfully under Dr. William T, Grier, Jr. of the New Life in Christ Fellowship of Coatesville, where he was ordained as a minister in 1983. He is also a graduate of the Grace Bible Institute and has taken a number of courses near completion at Liberty University of Lynchburg, VA in distance learning. For the past 25 years, Rev. Hunt has served as senior pastor and co-founder, along with his wife, Lynette, at the Trinity United Bible Church of Coatesville, PA.

His sermons have been known to stir up the conscience of in those who would heed the voice of God inside of him. With a Baptist-Pentecostal background, he now serves as a conservative Full Gospel minister and stresses the importance of true interdenominational fellowships which lift up their respective communities in faith, hope, and love in Jesus’ name.

In 2006, Pastor Hunt received his Bachelor’s Degree in Theological Studies from The Center of Urban Theological Studies in Philadelphia, PA. He is happily married to Lynette Marie, and they now have 5 children and 4 grandchildren. He served as a weekly host on the “Thy Kingdom Come” radio broadcast throughout Chester County, PA every Sunday morning with a growing audience, until a management change occurred several years ago.

Author of 44 Degrees: Unveiling the Mystery and Magnitude of the Seasons of Joseph, Pastor Hunt loves teaching and uncovering Bible prophecy. He is an avid student of the Word and very knowledgeable when it comes to Biblical teachings and principles and how they apply today. 44 Degrees is available online at 

He currently serves as the Board President of Life Transforming Ministries of Coatesville, a liaison between the city and the church in his city and vicinities after previously serving on various community boards. He gladly serves with the Executive Director, Bill Shaw, and the rest of the board in emphasizing and inspiring the inclusive important fabric of church, community, and governmental relationships for the betterment of the city and vicinity.

Trinity United Bible Church
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